a better life · 11. november 2019
After the new food documentary The Game Changers was released on Netflix last week, the plantbased diet spiked in popularity again. The documentary, based on new research and experiments done in front of the camera(!), gives us more insight into the benefits of a plantbased diet and the powers of the plant kingdom. As a result, more and more people want to start eating a more plantbased diet. Unfortunately, many do not find it so easy. When looking at their current diet, it seems like almost...

a better life · 21. oktober 2019
You should eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, a little meat if you want, nuts, whole grains and seeds. You should also move your body daily. 30 minutes a day in the form of walking or cycling and activities that require a higher heart rate, like running, walking stairs or playing team sports, another 2-3 times a week. And mental health plays a role too...

a better life · 03. oktober 2019
Today we will dissect one of our new signature bowls, travel inside the human body with you and show you what its ingredients do for you: The Sweet Mango Bowl

a better life · 25. september 2019
Today we are answering the question what whey is, its downsides and we offer you some plant-based alternatives we love far more!

a better life · 20. september 2019
As a salad bar, Rå is very concerned with producing as little waste as possible that impacts the environment. We use recyclable packaging, glass bottles only, wooden cutlery, try to use every part of our fruit and vegetables in salads, soups, ​and juices, and we would like to give you 3 additional tips on how to eat out and produce less waste.

a better life · 10. september 2019
September came and with it the colder nights, foggy mornings and rain. A lot of it. And with that usually, the first signs of the annual cold come along too. Here is what you can do against it

a better life · 02. september 2019
Coffee has taken some hits lately as health nuts claim it is not a wise beverage to drink. Is it true? We have searched the data for you and uncovered the truth about coffee.

a better life · 30. augustus 2019
For weeks it has been all over the internet that our beloved Amazon rainforest in Brazil is going up in flames. Here is what you can do against it.

a better life · 19. augustus 2019
Some iceberg leaves, watery tomato and cucumber are just not going to cut it. For no one. And besides lacking in taste, these kind of salads lack in other departments as well. We tell you what you can do against a boring salad!

a better life · 13. augustus 2019
Meet ginger shots, the health-elixir that is going to keep you energetic and on your feet for the entire year.

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