What’s in our new Signature Bowls?


Maybe you have already seen it, maybe you haven’t. We are going to tell you anyways: We have got a new menu! We felt it was time for a change and some little tweaks and additions to make our menu even better. Different types of marinated tofu, wild brown rice, red cabbage, beetroot hummus, peanuts and a lot more have made their entry into the Rå-family of fruit and vegetables. We also added a hearty soup and a hot curcuma vanilla latte as we thought it would suit the autumn weather just perfectly. Today we will dissect one of our new signature bowls, travel inside the human body with you and show you what its ingredients do for you. 


The Sweet Mango Bowl

It looks as if The Sweet Mango Bowl is everyone’s current favorite. It contains wild brown rice, roasted curried chickpeas and the all-time-favorite roasted sweet potato for healthy carbs; red cabbage, cucumber and mango for vitamins and minerals; roasted curry tofu for a plant based source of protein and curry hummus, sesame seeds, crunchy onion and a curry-mango dressing for good fats and delicious taste. Let’s find out what these ingredients do for you! 


Brown rice and sweet potato

Both are considered “slow carbs” which means that the energy they bring is released slowly in your body. Carbs are sugars and sugar spikes your blood sugar level. This is perfectly normal and not dangerous or bad at all. Some types of sugar and carbs however spike your blood sugar level really fast and then let it drop almost as quickly. This can affect your mood, energy and hunger and potentially lead to sugar-cravings. Thus, it’s best to keep your blood sugar level as stable as possible. Slow carbs like whole grains, sweet potatoes, vegetables and legumes do just that. Foods to avoid would be anything with cane sugar, processed fruit juices and processed grains like white flour bread and pasta. 



Unfortunately tofu’s image isn’t as good. Although debunked, the idea that tofu contains female hormones that can affect you is still widely spread. It’s also supposedly bad for the environment although most soy is farmed to give to animals for meat production and only a very small amount for human consumption. We are here to tell you that tofu is not the plantbased devil and actually really good for you and if you are not allergic, you should definitely eat it. Tofu has been proven to have a positive affect in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer and osteoporosis. It’s micro nutrients also come very close to the ones of animal products, making it the best substitution in a vegetarian or vegan diet. It contains calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and a lot of protein while still being low in fat and calories.



Mangoes are true vitamin and mineral powerhouses! They contain a lot of vitamin C, K and A as well as B-vitamins, magnesium, manganese, copper, folate and more. Though high in sugar, mango also contains fibre which will help the sugar be absorbed by your body more slowly. Mangoes are proven to boost your immunity and heart health. They are also great for a good digestion as they contains a lot of water, fibre and digestive enzymes. A study found that eating mango daily was found even more effective than eating soluble fibre!


Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds form a combination of both healthy plantbased protein and fat. Because they contain natural substances that act upon the hormone regulation within our body they support those with irregular thyroid functioning and women going through menopause. Especially with the last one sesame seeds have been proven to help with hot flashes and other symptoms of low estrogen. 


Curry powder

As you have noticed there is a lot of curried ingredients involved in our sweet mango bowl. And curry is not just a combination of herbs that taste nice, they actually keep you healthy as well. The key ingredient here is turmeric which has been proven to boost your immunity, fight bad bacteria, help your digestion and give your skin a boost. In curry it is combined with pepper which gives its powerful properties an extra boost. No wonder we can’t help but sprinkle it on everything in this bowl! 


Do these benefits sound like you want some? Our Sweet Mango Bowl awaits you every day from monday to saturday in our bar to give you the best for an all round healthy and happy body.


Written by, Maritza Kolenbrander, Food Psychologist at Plantifulplan

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    Lora (donderdag, 03 oktober 2019 20:43)

    Sounds amazing, will try asap!


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