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As the Groninger Kei-week is at its peek, we have dedicated ourselves to giving all new students a warm welcome Rå-style. Throughout the whole week we will be present in the city centre sharing our best kept health secret with you. We want you to make as many good memories as possible every day and start each new day with as much energy as you can. Of course, wherever there are many parties, alcohol and late nights, health comes second for a while and fatigue and sickness are on the lurk. So, meet ginger shots, the health-elixir that is going to keep you energetic and on your feet for the entire week. And no worries if you missed Kei-week or are not a student. We sell our favorite shot all year round in our bar as well.


What exactly is ginger? 

What we commonly know as ‘ginger’ is actually the root of the ginger plant which looks like a small palm plant. Although roots are associated with colder climates much like other root vegetables such as carrots, radish and onions, ginger only grows in very warm climates and is originated in China, India, Africa and the Caribbean. Ginger is extremely spicy in taste without tasting ‘hot’ in comparison to chilli. This spiciness and root character give ginger an extremely long shelf life. That is, when stored correctly. Common sense of root vegetables would suggest to store ginger in a cool and dry wooden box outside of the fridge, just like potatoes. But, you got it all wrong! (Just like we did). Ginger is best stored unpeeled, in a plastic bag with the air pushed out, in the crisper of your refrigerator. Right there it can stay for as long as 2-3 months.



What are the health benefits of ginger? 

Ginger has been used for hundreds of years in ancient medicine cultures and is extremely popular because of its strong health promoting properties. The greatest one being its high anti-inflammatory ingredient gingerol that helps to fight infections and can seriously help you recover quickly from a cold or flu. Its this ingredient that also helps with muscle pain and inflammation of the digestion tract. The spice in ginger is also a great remedy against nausea. For women ginger is especially beneficial as a cure for morning sickness during pregnancy and to treat menstrual pain.


Why ginger shots?

Ginger shots are a great way to get in a concentrated dose of natural ginger, while still tasting good and making it suitable for consumption. We would dare you to eat as much ginger as we put into our shots by the spoon but we are afraid you would never try ginger again an miss out on so much health! 

During Kei-week and any other rough time of the year really, ginger shots will give you an instant boost of energy, they can calm down your stomach after too much alcohol and help relieve any sickness feelings. At the same time they will help your immune system keep its strength so you do not get a bad aftertaste of your nights out but getting sick afterwards. The spice in it will also increase your blood circulation, giving you a fresh look on the cheeks that will make signs of sleep deprivation disappear quickly. Sounds like you are totally set for what the rest of your week has on offer! 


Want to try out our shots? Look for us in the city centre and of course we are happy to sevre you all year round in our bar too.


Written by, Maritza Kolenbrander, Food Psychologist at Plantifulplan


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    Lennard Mendeszoon (donderdag, 22 augustus 2019 16:58)

    Every time i take a ginger shot i feel great again! I would recommend everyone to try this out!


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